Delhi Education Society

The Delhi Education Society is an independent organization working to ensure that quality education reaches the masses, especially, the vulnerable and marginalized sections of society. The Society was set up in 1951 when a group of visionaries led by Dr. Zakir Husain, the erstwhile President of India, formed a society to work for the cause of education in the walled city area of Delhi. Along with Dr. Zakir Husain, Prof. M. Mujeeb, Mirza Shahbaz Begg, Mr. M. M. Zaidi, Mir Mushtaq Ahmed, Mr. Shafiqur Rehman Qidwai, Mufti Atiqur Rehman, Dr. Salamatullah, Mr. Abdul Hameed and Mr. M. M. Begg were the founder members of the Society.

Amongst prominent educationists, academics and concerned citizens as its members, the Society, over the years, has had as its Presidents, the Vice Chancellors of Jamia Millia Islamia in their exofficio capacity. Professor Talat Ahmad, Vice Chancellor, Jamia Millia Islamia is the current President of the Society. The Society manages and runs three schools in the walled city area of Delhi, catering to a predominantly Muslim population – this includes Anglo Arabic Senior Secondary School at Ajmeri Gate, Shafiq Memorial School at Bara Hindu Rao, and Anglo Arabic Model School at Ajmeri Gate.

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